Upcoming Sports Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play

Sports video games aren’t as popular as other games such as RPGs and definitely MOBAs and battle royale games. Today, multiplayer games take up most of the video game market share, though some single-player games are still around, winning awards and titles.

Sports games are on the back foot and have been for a while, realistically speaking. However, technology allows frequent releases and many updates to already great video games. 

Technology also allows us to explore the internet and learn about things prior to investing any money in them, to purchase or deposit, as would be the case with online sportsbooks. It is always wise to read reviews, such as the bet99 review, prior to making any financial commitment.

Sports video games get released annually and here are 2022’s best choices if you want to play something new.


FIFA video games are always good if you like a healthy dose of football and competition. Playing with friends or alone, it is a great video game series for anybody who likes football. Given the stats, football is the most popular sport on the planet so FIFA comes across as a great choice for anybody who wants a new video game to enjoy.

It is probably coming in November and December, as is the tradition for most sports video games of this caliber. At the moment, little is known about the game.

Skate 4

The Skate series has revolutionized skating video games and were always competing with the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. Skate 4 is an upcoming game for 2022, one which we know little about, but one which we are all looking forward to. The Skate series were not without flaws, but there is always hope for new experiences with a new title.


This is another take on the football video game, but one with a twist. First, the game is free-to-play, which already makes it different from the PES and FIFA series. The game has been in development for 5 years and is using the Unreal Engine. That means, beautiful graphics and hopefully, great gameplay. The game has over 5000 licensed players, which should make it more interesting. The goal is to create your own team and compete with players worldwide.

Matchpoint: Tennis Championship

Tennis video games are not common, but there are a few of them worth mentioning. This is one of them. It is an upcoming video game with licensed players which you can meet on the court. Play against them or as them and try to lift trophies, from the Masters 1000 tournaments to the coveted Grand Slams.

Pool Elite

Billiards video games are few and far in between, particularly nowadays. A pool game has to have realistic physics and visuals if it is to be any good. Pool Elite already looks great and it will have various game modes such as 9 Ball, 8 Ball, Snooker, Carom and more. It will also be multiplayer, if you want to compete against others.

These are the upcoming sports games of 2022 that we are all looking forward to.