Here’s a List of Funny Websites You Can Visit When You’re Feeling Low

We all get the blues from time to time. Feeling low is normal and every now and then, everyone gets sad. However, that is no reason to spend your days suffering, when there are ways of improving your mood.

The internet is the first place to start. There are many things to be found online, from encouraging to depressing, and depending on what you like, there are sites that will cheer you up. Here is a list of such sites, to help you get better when you are feeling down.


Reddit can be a tough place at times. When there is political turmoil and especially after sports games, threads can get really salty for no reason at all. However, browse various subreddits and eventually you find those which are all about feeling better. Whether through cute animal videos or through acts of kindness, you will find ways to cheer yourself up. Some of those subreddits, such as r/wholesomememes, r/aww, r/getmotivated, r/HumansBeingBros, are definitely going to make you feel better. Find your cup of happiness and drink from it.


TED talks are something we have definitely heard of, and we have probably listened to a TED talk, at least once. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design but in reality, it is a site about people talking and sharing their experiences. Listening to those people, successful and almost unreachable, share their experiences about the process of how they became who they are, is almost therapeutic. There are many talks worth listening to, particularly when you are down.

A Soft Murmur

This site is pretty good. There are tons of videos that we play from time to time, ambiental videos, which we find lovely to listen to. These videos play sounds from nature that we find calming and nice.

A Soft Murmur helps us by allowing us to play some of those sounds, like a fire burning in a fireplace, rain slowly falling, thunder, waves, crickets, coffee shop noises and even white noise. Take your pick of noise and let it guide you to a better place.


Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to. BlahTherapy is a site that offers talking to professionals and talking to strangers. There is always someone to talk to. Talking to strangers is free, but talking to professionals isn’t. Consider this if you simply have something to get off your chest. Talking to strangers is often easier than talking to people we already know.

If you are down and want to feel better, these are the sites to visit. Each offers something unique so give them a visit when you are feeling the blues.