Sports video games aren’t as popular as other games such as RPGs and definitely MOBAs and battle royale games. Today, multiplayer games take up most of the video game market share, though some single-player games are still around, winning awards and titles. Sports games are on the back foot andContinue Reading

We enjoy playing video games. Games have been around for a long time and today, they are not only evolved but are also a good career choice for many people, young or old. Professional gaming is an option, but so is streaming video games, and entertainment could always use anotherContinue Reading

With the rise of Youtubers throughout the 2010s, many people have thought that YouTube will be a good platform to start their careers. YouTube is a great video-sharing platform, but there are limitations to how good of a career choice it would be.  In order to understand why it mightContinue Reading

Some years ago, YouTube was a dominant platform for anyone who wanted to become someone in the online world. But years have passed, and now we have several other platforms like Twitch and TikTok that are YouTube’s biggest competitors.  Unlike YouTube which was open to all types of creators, TwitchContinue Reading

Not so long ago, we saved our files on our laptops, computers, and portable hard disks. This also affected the way that we later shared these files with other people. Some would use the so-called “Caveman technology” and share these files as an email attachment or by physically carrying themContinue Reading

Starting your own business may seem like a pretty good idea. You become your own boss, you make all the decisions, and you know exactly where the money goes. However, are the statistics on your side? Will you be an inspirational story or a drop in the sea? The ChallengeContinue Reading

Imagine your life without internet and mobile access, where you couldn’t access a casino lab bonus code whenever you want. Sure, it’s possible, but at his stage is just inconvenient. Work, internet, and all kinds of data are integrated into this phenomenon so firmly, that it is hard to believeContinue Reading

Gamers have seen Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and Jacksepticeye, comedy lovers enjoy College Humor, React, and Buzzfeed, while the educated geeks, and those looking to become educated geeks, love VSauce and how-to videos by various creators. So, what does it take to be a famous YouTuber and can you do it? TheContinue Reading