IoT and Online Gaming

You’ve heard the phrase Internet of Things time and time again, but it is very difficult to imagine how a smart fridge or floor cleaner could be related to online gaming. Well, sit back, relax, and join us as we explore just that.

Internet of Things

IoT is the way smart devices are connected to each other and our accounts. Some use it for a smart home, where the right music is playing, the fridge had already reminded you what groceries to buy, the temperature is perfect, and your favorite show is already prerecorded and ready to be watched. This, however, is not the only application of IoT.

While interacting with each other, the machines collect all kinds of data. Imagine the cookies in your browser, but connected to every smart device you own. This data is then used to give you a better user experience and to market the next generation of smart devices to you.

How Is It Related to online Gaming?

There are several ways IoT is connected to online gaming. First of all, that data we’ve mentioned? It’s also used to show companies how you react to ads and mobile games. With enough information on your preferences, companies are able to tailor the products and services exactly according to your needs and wants.

How is this data collected? Smart devices, like your smartphone, can potentially be equipped with heart rate monitors and cameras. Before you get paranoid, it is possible to opt-out of this. This would serve to bridge the gap between the players and the platforms and eliminate a lot of guess-work.

Additionally, how do you think streaming across multiple platforms works? Being able to broadcast your gameplay like you’re in the room with your audience while they use different devices to play the game or watch your stream is the result of machines talking to each other. Insert some automated systems, like live chat, donations, and ads, and you have yourself IoT in action.

User Experience

Internet of things is one of the reasons we are able to enjoy online multiplayer and wonders like AR games. You could even say that the wonder of Pokémon Go has IoT to thank for its user base and its very existence.


With IoT, you no longer have to go to casinos to play games. Here’s why: you can use any smart device to play casino games on the go, even against other people, should you choose to do so. Furthermore, with the development of VR and AR, you don’t have to leave your home for the casino to come to you. You could walk around your own apartment or house and interact with the staff and other patrons. With the proper equipment, the casino experience is made just for you.